10  Dining Room Decor Ideas

10 Dining Room Decor Ideas

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While there might seem to be minimal possibilities for a small dining room, there is actually a lot you can do to build a stylish and functional space that will please both families and visitors. These tips will transform your space and make every mealtime feel unique, whether you have a separate dining room or just a little corner in your kitchen or living area. The Amaryllis by Unity Group has come up with some mind-blowing dine decor ideas that can take your dining setup to a new level.

Invest in a dining table foldaway 

Investing in a foldaway table would ensure you can set up a dining area if and when needed if you don’t have enough space for a dedicated dining room. This multi-purpose piece could also act as desk space in smaller homes, whether it’s only set up for two or fully-extended to host a dinner party.

Go Light, Go, Bright 

Add impact with vibrant colors and quirky style touches to a small dining room. To create a room that will be a real talking point for visitors, consider dining chairs in contrasting colors, a bright hue on the walls, and hanging artwork on the walls. 

Dinner for two people 

A round bistro-style table is a chic and practical option for couples and smaller families if you don’t have the room for a large dining table. With fresh flowers and candles, this round table and upholstered dining chairs look extra-stylish. 

Try benches for dining 

In smaller dining rooms, benches are a perfect space-saver. Not only can they seat guests easily, but after use, they can also be tucked away under the table, so they do not take up precious floor space.

Go Minimum Go 

Even if you do not have space for a separate dining room, if you think beyond the box, you can still build a spot to eat in even the smallest of kitchens. As a breakfast bar/ dining table, a floating shelf will double up, just pull up bar stools, and you have a new place to eat. 

Opt for a table that can be expanded 

For tiny dining rooms, investing in some quality and practical furniture is a must. An extendable dining table is perfect for hosting dinner parties, and when it is not required, it can be made smaller to save space. Similarly, stackable dining chairs when not in service can be neatly packed away. 

Go for some dark opulence

The correct styling can still seriously impress small dining rooms. With striking metallic touches, we love these deep blue walls and plush dining seats. To complete this beautiful dining room, a low-hanging gold light can be the best setup for your dining room.

Dine-in with Natural light 

Make use of a window in the bay by turning it into a dining room. A round table fits perfectly in this room and has the added advantage of natural light filling the area, helping to make it feel larger. 

Think outside of the box 

It might well be possible to build one elsewhere even if you don’t have a spare room or space in the kitchen to use as a dining area. Think beyond the box and for a unique dining room, you might make use of another area of your house, such as a wide corridor.

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