Investing in Real Estate is Better Than Investing in Fixed Deposits

Investing in Real Estate is Better Than Investing in Fixed Deposits

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Investment is something that every one of us wants to do in our life. But when the question arrives where we should make our investment?  Which investment will be most beneficial to us and can give us better returns? We have heard about many successful investors and yet we fail to invest our money properly.

Investing our money smartly is one of the key factors in order to grow your wealth. We all will agree with this.

The year 2020 was one of the years which created high uncertainty in the market whether it comes to investment or jobs. Where the majority of people were trying to hold on to their savings and not spend much, the best way could have been to invest their money in real estate and grow their wealth.

When all the sectors were facing downward trends, only real estate wast standing still and has increased as the pandemic starts to come to an end. 

The real estate sector has not seen a downward trend for quite a few years since reformed regulations and RERA have been introduced.

There can be no better time to invest in real estate as it is only going to go upwards.

The Amaryllis can be a great option for investment as it gives various options to investors and new home buyers. Such as if you are looking for Luxurious living in Delhi, there are various luxurious flats in Delhi. The Amaryllis Karol bagh is going to be a luxurious society in Delhi. It is going to have various 3/4/5 bhk luxury apartments in Delhi.

In the new normal, people tend to prefer Fixed deposits over other types of investments. But we all know the fact that the return in FD is much lower than other investments.

There are many few reasons which can help you make your decision of making an investment in real estate and not going for a fixed deposit.

  • The home loan rates have reduced to a low of 7 percent and along with it exciting offers are available which has made the home buying very much profitable.
  • If we talk about returns from both real estate and FD, the returns which one can get in FD is around 5 percent but in real estate, one can get a return of around 6-7 percent after-tax deduction if invested properly.
  • The final return that one gets in FD is around a 3 percent after-tax deduction.
  •  One can make an income out of the real estate for themselves such as by putting that property on rent.

If you are looking for investment, The Amaryllis by Unity Group is offering luxurious living in Central Delhi. With luxurious bedrooms and much more, it is offering the best apartments in central Delhi. 

The Amaryllis and Unity Group both are offering the best luxury apartments in Delhi and also residential properties in Central Delhi.



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