The Amaryllis brings apartments in Central Delhi that are rare to find and constructed with high-end amenities. A perfect blend of landscape and lifestyle, the coveted address absorbs in ultra-luxurious feels with Concierge, a 24×7 facility with exceptional services.

Available as Club Concierge, the facility ensures you have the luxury of getting everything delivered at your doorstep, at any time and from anywhere. Raising the bar of sophistication a notch higher, the global pioneers of residential concierge bring you this service to your abode at the luxury apartments in New Delhi for sale – The Amaryllis.

The 3A’s principle of Anything, Anytime and Anywhere helps us deliver to you the best of both worlds – Class and Quality. Revolutionising the ultra-opulent living, our Concierge service brings you facilities that are, well, nigh-impossible if not at a regal residence.

Here’s a highlight of the features you can enjoy with the Concierge services at these luxury apartments for sale.

Concierge Services

Experience the extravagant lifestyle with the comfort of contemporary amenities in the heart of central Delhi.

Extra Mile

Renewal or new documentation, we will get it for you.

Time Saving

We don't just save your time and trouble We simplify your l.

Special Events

Let us plan your special event the way you've always wanted.


From caretaking to babysitting, we will arrange everything.

Extra Chores

Unload yourself from extra work. We will do the extra chore.

Perfect Getaway

Let us the Plan the perfect ge.

On-call Chef

Enjoy your house party with an arranged on-call chef.