Green living defines the way of choosing life, in order to decrease the negative impact on the planet and creatures living on it.

The Change in climate is taken seriously on the national as well as at the international level too.

The Amaryllis has taken notes from everywhere and has bound themselves to provide not just a luxurious lifestyle inside Delhi but also something that is not resulting in damaging our environment.
Taking care of Greenhouse emissions and providing a green and healthy to live. The Amaryllis stands on the idea of eco-friendly and luxurious living inside Delhi. The materials used and the designing of the houses is done keeping greenhouse living in mind. Carbon Negative material is being used, emission reduction practices are being used in order to develop something eco friendly for the people of Delhi. Everything is kept under check and properly maintained in order to make sure that our valuable customers get the best for their money and get a dream life in the super-luxury apartments in Delhi NCR.

There are more reasons to go for The Amaryllis if you are looking for luxury apartments in Delhi NCR :

Defining Greenery all around
The Amaryllis is a haven in this Urban area with green islands spread all around it. We are connected with some of the most extraordinary people, from our country and outside too. We deliver the best to them because they deserve it. We try to deliver extraordinary living to these extraordinary people.

Green Building
Green structure alludes to both a structure and the utilization of cycles that are ecologically capable and asset productive all through a structure’s life-cycle. Remembering all the prerequisites of green structure and considering it as our obligation we plant 4 trees for every single tree being cut off.

Wide and Neat Spaces
Unlike other properties in Delhi, The Amaryllis offers wide spaces to its people. The Lawns are properly manicured and kept clean, as its visual presentation is also taken care of. One can Enjoy, Relax, Exercise, and also play in these areas.

Being Resourceful
If you want to go for Green Living that too in Delhi, you need to take care of many things and fulfill your responsibilities. At The Amaryllis, we take full care of nature and use the latest technologies for it, such as :

Going Solar
Solar Panels are provided to not just meet hot water requirements but also to reduce electricity usage and therefore helps in contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Double Glaze
Double glazed windows are provided, so as to reduce the heat transfer and make sure that rooms are cold and there is less usage of electricity even in summer heats.

We make sure that a minimum of 25% of the living area receives natural daylight which Natural daylight is good for your health, body & mind. In order to make it possible, we make sure that a minimum of 25% of your house area is receiving natural daylight.

Smoke Detectors
We provide smoke detectors and fire alarms in the lobby and other areas so as to avoid any dangerous circumstances.

AAC Blocks
Being environment-friendly we ensure the use of Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) as it produces at least 30% less solid waste and a decrease of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.

LED Fixtures
LED Fixtures are used with 100% efficacy as per GRIHA Norms. This benefits energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Rainwater Harvesting

To save water and contribute a little more to our environment, Rainwater Harvesting systems are provided


If you are thinking to move and buy a luxury house with all the facilities and are also focused to be responsible for our environment. The Amaryllis is a place to live in.

Greenery redefined

Greenery redefined

The entire area is spread with small green islands while The Amaryllis itself is like an oasis in an Urban Jungle.

Our clients are some of the most extraordinary residents of this country and others, and they deserve the best.

Our luxury homes in Delhi accordingly offer them extraordinary way to live.

Wide spaces

Wide spaces

Unlike many similar claustrophobic complexes in Delhi, The Amaryllis provides space like never before. Exercise, relax and enjoy a healthy and productive life in bliss.

Manicured lawns

Manicured lawns

The Amaryllis places a great deal of emphasis on visual presentation and special care is taken of the surroundings. Tending to the grounds makes them shine every day.

Using resources sustainably

Using resources sustainably

Green living in luxury homes in Delhi is impossible without shouldering responsibility. We take serious care of nature. The Amaryllis does this using the latest technologies and procedures.


Revisit nature

Revisit nature

You can now choose from a wide catalogue of super luxury apartments in Delhi and engage with vitality at The Amaryllis. Feel free to browse through the other segments of the website.