Your Dream Home Is Safe

Your Dream Home Is Safe

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The Amaryllis offers Dream Home in Delhi

As the saying goes, “Home is an emotion“, a home is a safe place for everyone. If you are looking forward to investing in your dream home, The Amaryllis by Unity Group provides you and your loved ones a safe place to create a legacy for your future generations. The Amaryllis by Unity Group is one of the premium properties located in the heart of Delhi. The Amaryllis incorporates intelligent architectural designs into reality. It has taken significant and meticulous measures in the construction process to make your home safe and secure.

Mivan Shuttering : In Mivan shuttering, walls and slabs are cast simultaneously at the site by using easy-going lightweight aluminum shuttering formwork. The Amaryllis has been constructed using the Mivan technique that offers strength and durability to your dream home.

Earthquake Seismic Zone : The Amaryllis by Unity Group has been built according to the provisions of the Indian Standard on Earthquake Engineering. The Amaryllis is designed in a way that provides a perfect home to keep you and your family safe throughout an earthquake or any natural calamity.

TDS Water Level : The Amaryllis by Unity Group focuses on maintaining the water quality to strengthen the construction process as impurities in the water can cause metal corrosion, as well as introduce undesirable silt and clay into concrete. The quality of water used has a direct impact on the strength of the mortar and cement concrete in the construction work.

Ash Bricks : Fly Ash Bricks absorb less heat and considering the Indian climate, it makes it better when compared to clay bricks. The Amaryllis by Unity Group is on a Green mission to promote environment protection and conservation with the use of fly ash bricks.

Raft Foundation : Raft foundation is a thick reinforced concrete slab which spreads over a large area of soil and provides support for several columns and load-bearing walls. The Amaryllis by Unity Group is committed to making the foundation strong by forming a massive structure with the Raft Foundation.

Steels : Premium quality steels are an indispensable material in the construction process because of unchallenged advantages and proven efficiency. The Amaryllis by Unity Group uses premium quality steels by certified brands like Tata Steels and Jindal Steels to strengthen the foundational base.

Steel Rust Coating : Coatings with anti-corrosive properties ensure metal components have the longest possible lifespan. The Amaryllis by Unity Group provides long-lasting protection against deteriorating effects that keep your abode secure.

Premium Quality Aluminum : Due to its extreme versatility and strength, the use of aluminum is becoming more popular. Premium Quality aluminium has high durability, and offers weather resistance, thus making your dream home a safe and secure infrastructure.

Civil Foreman : The Amaryllis by Unity Group has a diligent professional that works according to priorities and plans, oversees production schedules, and allocates general and daily responsibilities.

Government Regulations : The Amaryllis by Unity Group ensures that all our construction meets the guidelines provided by the government authorities.

To reassure the residents that your dream home is completely safe for your living, The Amaryllis by Unity Group offers a high- quality building infrastructure with world-class technology. So let’s come and be a part of The Amaryllis.



Site Address:

The Amaryllis Central Delhi,
Near Jeevan Mala Hospital,
Karol Bagh, New Delhi

RERA No. DLRERA2018P0007/DLRERA2018P0011


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